Patrick Meier

Patrick Meier is the Director of Crisis Mapping at Ushahidi and the co-founder of the International Network of Crisis Mappers. He previously co-founded and co-directed Harvard University’s (HHI) Program on Crisis Mapping and Early Warning. He has also consulted for many international organizations including the UN, OSCE and OECD on numerous crisis mapping and conflict early warning projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Patrick is a recognized expert and thought leader on the intersection between new technologies, early warning, civil resistance, human rights and humanitarian response. He has written extensively on these topics and has presented his work at numerous high-profile conferences worldwide.

He is completing his PhD at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and is currently a Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Program on Liberation Technologies. His dissertation analyzes how access to new information and communication technologies changes the balance of power between repressive regimes and popular movements. He is on the Board of Digital Democracy, the Meta-Activism Project and the Konpa Group. Patrick has an MA in International Affairs from Columbia University and is an alum of the Sante Fe Institute’s (SFI) Complex Systems Program. He is regularly interviewed by leading media groups including the New York Times, Washington Post and BBC. He has also appeared on CNN and Al Jazeera.


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