Talent Imitates, Genius Steals*

Apple, Star Wars, Girl Talk, Facebook, open source, 4Chan, memes, and Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. We are innately born to imitate others. By copying adults in their first year babies learn a vast array of skills ranging from language to social interaction. Copying is how we learn. Artists, designers, writers, coders, and ultimately all makers, take copying a step further through the exploration of their own ideas built upon the semantic foundations of others. They create remixes. They create mashups. They create new cultures.

As we increasingly rely on digital, and computing becomes more ubiquitous, our lives will be more remixed, more mashed-up, and more copied. The consequence being: doing instead of saying, sharing instead of coveting, forgiving instead of asking for permission. A natural evolution in human culture because, as author William Gibson stated, “The remix is the very nature of digital.”

* This title is stolen.

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