Painting the day after the revolution

re:publica brings together lots of great people with lots of visionary thoughts about digital culture. Some of them are advocates for changes in how we organize / deal with culture that is (at least partly) shared in digital formats. And some of them are joining us for this workshop!

In this workshop we want to focus on music as part of culture. In a speed brainstorming set we would like to map the main things that we want to see achieved on the day after the revolution. What does that day look like and what needs to change to get there?

Advocacy for free culture has been around for some time. The Pirate Bay has flourished and is still around. Fights between filesharing evangelists and music industry lobbyists have filled panels of music and digital industry conventions for years. DIY (do it yourself), direct-to-fan and no need for middlemen in digital networks has been the hype of the day for some time, transitioning to a DIT (do it together), as all by yourself seems to kind of never be the best option. The interconnections of free (as in „not paid“) digital reproductions with spending of life time and the need to pay for physical goods have become apparent. Open licence models have been around for some time, and some musicians are happy to use them while the majority doesn’t. New models for financing culture in the digital age are being experimented with – and several are being discussed at this year’s re:publica.

Where do we want the journey to go? What does a sustainable music eco-system look like? Prioritize – just your 3 most important points…

Andrea Goetzke / Wolfgang Senges, curators of all2gethernow, will facilitate / participate in the mapping exercise. Great minds out of the re:publica speakers list will share their perspectives.

Come and join us – this is about starting a conversation!

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