Latin America

Más internet, menos dictatura

There is scarcely any other region of the world where Internet and mobile communications are developing as rapidly as in Latin America. Uruguay, Panama, Chile, Argentina and Brazil lead the field here. For social movements in Latin America in particular, Internet has become indispensable. Political platforms and social networks on the Internet are used for organisation, coordination and also for cyber-activism. Here, blogs are the “voice of the people in the street”. They create forums for a counter-public sphere – one that is often enough a thorn in the flesh for those in government. Infiltration and Web attacks are two of the instruments used to undermine freedom of expression.

Is the theory of the journalist Jorge Ramos Ávalos true: “Más internet, menos dictatura”? Can one already speak of a “cyber-war” on the Latin American Internet between governments and the people they govern? What role does the common language of Spanish play in the formation of a digital community on the continent? How do the activists build cross-border networks?

Experts: Rosana Hermann, BOBs jury-member, blogs for “Querido leitor”, Brasil
Vanina Berghella, BOBs jury-member, blogs for “La Propaladora”, Argentina

Presentation: Geraldine de Bastion, newthinking

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