Journalism and the Web

Knight-Mozilla Journalism Project

If you’re excited about the challenges and opportunities facing journalism, we want you to be part of this project. Learn what Knight and Mozilla are working on and share your ideas.

For the next three years, we will have the opportunity to engage a community, bring people together for trainings and in-person events, and ultimately build software and thought leadership to address the challenges that news organizations are facing today. We are working with some amazing news partners: BBC,, The Guardian, and Zeit Online, who launched the partnership with us, and many more in the future.

The next time there’s a major story—like the recent events in Tunisia or Egypt—news organizations around the world will be using people, software, and ideas that came out of Knight and Mozilla’s collaboration with news organizations. Stories and maps will be rich with semantic data and location aware. News will adapt to different devices and screen sizes instantly. And video will be interactive, searchable, and multilingual — all thanks to open web technologies.

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